Ms. Kalliopi Mavragka and Mr. Sergios Voilas – scientific team of the Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece participed in the Executive program “Faith-Based Leadership in a Turbulent World” May 2-6, 2022 organized by The Fletcher School – Tufts University and the Foreign Affairs Institute of Athens.
The aims of the project were to integrate the organic knowledge and teachings of the Orthodox faith with contemporary applied and technical skills for leadership in a complex local, international, and transnational environment. This gathering represented an opportunity to reflect on the complexity of faith-based leadership in today’s global context, to learn from experts and peers while exploring our own journey and goals as leaders.
Also a Special Reception was given in honor of the participants in the “Faith-Based Leadership in a Turbulent World” program which was hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Athens at the American School of Classical Studies, Athens.