Interreligious mosaic in Chalkis: Greek schools in dialogue with social cohesion

As part of the KAICIID International Fellows Program European Cohort 2021, Kalliopi Mavragka – Interothodox Centre of the Church of Greece, organized and implemented an innovative training program by the title of: “Interreligious mosaic in Chalkis: Greek schools in dialogue with social cohesion” for primary and high school teachers, 17-24 October 2021 targeting in familiarizing themselves with different religious and cultural traditions and the promotion of mutual understanding, solidarity and peaceful coexistence through educational activities.
A team of 24 experienced teachers were trained in Pendeli and Chalkida for two weeks and acquired and/or improved knowledge and skills so as to address diversity issues, both religious and cultural, as well as to adopt principles and tools that promote dialogue with the “other”.
More specifically, the educational visit to Chalkida allowed the participants to delve into the timeless coexistence of religions and cultures and to get to know personally the Jewish community of the city and the solidarity ties they maintain with the local Orthodox Church. The trainees were strengthened to use the examples of solidarity in the classroom as educational tools in order to cultivate in students the values of dialogue, acceptance and coexistence in society.
The implementation of this action was supported by Sergios Voilas and Christos Nasios – Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece.