Global Exchange on Religion in Society (GERIS)

GERIS Network members visited Morocco to learn about how religious pluralism is managed in the local context. The purpose of the visit was for the participants to hold interactive discussions with local stakeholders, explore local projects and learn best practices. GERIS exchange visit is focusing on “Diversity through Education: Fostering pluralism and respect for diversity through education”.
On behalf of the Interorthodox Centre, Mr. Sergios Voilas, the permanent scientific associate participated in the visit which took place in Morocco from the 29th of May until the 5th of June 2022.
Global Exchange on Religion in Society (GERIS) is a two-year project of networking, societal capacity building and social media engagement. The project aims to contribute to social inclusion and societal resilience by setting up a global community-based exchange initiative. Through this action, the European Union is setting up a network of civil society actors, whether secular or faith based, to connect their experiences of coexistence among people of different faiths, and none, in societies across the globe.  Through the creation of GERIS Network, the EU also wants to explore a specific model for engaging these actors working on a range of societal issues. The project objective is building an exchange platform to contribute to the global conversation on diversity, coexistence, and social inclusion in society, on civic engagement and a more active, participatory, and shared sense of citizenship across boundaries of belief and worldviews”.