Interreligious dialogue and Democracy

Representing the Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece, Mr.
Sergios Voilas, permanent research associate, and on the occasion of
combating Antisemitism and Islamophobia phenomena and how and to what
extent they are affecting our modern democracies, on the 11th of
February 2023 presented in a special workshop – training that took place
in Athens, the important role that religious leaders play in
interreligious dialogue and the significance of dialogue for the
resolution of social conflicts.
In particular, material from the Combat Antisemitism Movement was
presented on the issue of contemporary Antisemitism, while on phenomena
of Islamophobia, how peaceful coexistence works in the region of Thrace
and the important role of local Hierarchs was highlighted with examples.

This workshop on democracy and dialogue issues was organized by the
Signal researching and confronting the far right and was attended by
secondary and primary school teachers, as well as teachers from Second
Chance Schools, psychologists and workers in refugee shelters.