• The Library of the Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece is not a lending one. Exception is possible only for those who live in the Holy Monastery can borrow material.
  • You are not allowed to eat , drink or smoke in the library or in the anteroom.
  • It is forbidden to use objects in the library that cause damage or suspicion of possible theft.
  • Personal belongings and users’ bags are placed in special cupboards outside the library.
  • The library is equipped with a photocopier to cover the needs of the users. The photocopying of books depends on their condition, age or scarcity. Copying any material is subject to international copyright laws.
  • Users can use library computers during their study or carry their own laptops. Using a printer is also possible. Free wireless internet is also available.
  • In case of damage to books or equipment of the library from the user’s fault, then the user undertakes their restoration or replacement.
  • In case of serious deliberate damage, the Inter-Orthodox Center reserves all legitimate rights.
    Users must comply with library staff’s recommendations and respect the place and its employees.