Interorthodox Centre, the Jewish Museum of Greece and Yahad-In Unum at the seminar “Local Aspects of the Holocaust in East and Southeast Europe”

The Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece, continuing its collaboration with the Jewish Museum of Greece and the organization Yahad-In Unum, participated in the educational seminar for teachers on the topic “Local Aspects of the Holocaust in East and Southeast Europe”, organized on the 23rd and the 24th of November 2023 in Athens. The Centre was represented by its scientific associate Dr. Christos Nasios, who addressed a short speech-greeting at the beginning of the sessions.

Interorthodox Centre at the 5th European Policy Dialogue Forum

The Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece participated in the 5th
European Policy Dialogue Forum held in Rotterdam November 13-15, 2023. At this
forum, keynote speaker was His Eminence Elder of Chalkidon Mr. Emmanuel,
who in his speech emphasized the need for solidarity and not passive
tolerance to the problem of immigrants, while he pointed out how
important the presence of young people is within religious communities.
Mr. Sergios Voilas, KAICIID Fellow Alumni representing Interorthodox
Center, presented the Centre’s participation in the Erasmus+ KA2 program
“DD@S – Democratic Dialogue at school” at the Forum’s Market Space of
Ideas parallel event. Also, during the conference Mr. Voilas had the
opportunity to present our new program which will be implemented by
Interorthodox Centre in collaboration with KAICIID and with one of the
Centre’s Scientific Associate Mrs. Kalliopi Mavragka, a KAICIID Fellow
Alumni, too.

Distinguished representatives of the Iranian University of Religions and Denominations visited the Interorthodox Centre.

In continuation with the meeting of His Beatitude the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Mr. Hieronymos II, a delegation of the University of Religions and Denominations of Iran, which is based in the city of Qom, visited the Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece on Wednesday, November 8th, 2023. The distinguished representatives of the Iranian University expressed their interest for the actions of the Interorthodox Centre, how our library works and pointed out their interest in the prospect of a future cooperation on a scientific base. The Rector of the University Dr. Seyed Abdolhassan Navab referred to the historic relations between Christians and Muslims throughout the Middle East area and expressed his anguish for the severe situation in the Gaza Strip. The Scientific Associates of the Interorthodox Centre Christos Nasios, Sergios Voilas and Kalliopi Mavragka emphasized the academic and cultural relations between the two traditions, expressed their hope for a ceasefire in the long-suffering region and the immediate return of the hostages to their families, while noting that praying for the peace of the whole world is the only safe way to dialogue.

Afterwards, the delegation was guided to the library of the Interorthodox Centre by the librarian Irini Grypaiou where the meeting and the discussions went on.

The Rector of the Foundation was accompanied by Dr. Rahman Bolhassani, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Hamed Shah Rafati, Director General of International Relations, Dr. Gholi Tabar, Director of the Americas and Europe department, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Navab, Member of the Board of Directors of the University, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Taskhiri Head of International Relations, Dr. Mahdi Komi, Educational Counselor of the Iranian Embassy in Greece and the interpreter Mr. Ali Karaji. The delegation was also accompanied by Fr. Antonios Malouf from the Holy Archdiocese of Athens.

The Orthodox Theological Academy of Volyn at the Interorthodox Centre

A special delegation of the Orthodox Theological Academy of Volyn in
Ukraine had a two day visit in Greece from the 31st of October till the
2nd of November 2023. The Ukrainian delegation was hosted by the Church
of Greece at the Interorthodox Centre. Our scientific team gave a tour
guide at the premises of the Holy Monastery of Pendeli and the
Interorthodox Centre. The members of the delegation showed a particular
interest in establishing collaboration between the libraries of the
Volyn Academy and the Interorthodox Centre. The next steps for this
joint effort within the network of Church Libraries were also discussed,
as a continuation of the efforts that the Interorthodox Centre of the
Church of Greece makes on the matter.
The delegation of the Orthodox Theological Academy, which is based in
Lutsk in western Ukraine, is consisted of its Rector, Archpriest Dr.
Volodymyr Vakin, Professor of Canon Law, the Vice-chancellor, Head of
Education, Archpriest Dr. Vladyslav Fulmes, Professor of Church History,
Archimandrite and Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas
Zhydychyn, Dr. Konstantinos Marchenko, Pastoral Professor and the Head
of the Press Office of the Academy Archpriest Viktor Pushko, Professor
of Patrology.
The interpretation was provided by Mr. Vasyl Prus, a postgraduate
student at AUTH. The delegation was accompanied by Archimandrite
Seraphim Dimitriou.

Global Interparliamentary Conference on Religious Dialogue “Walking together for our common future”

In Marrakesh, Morocco, on the 13th till the 15 of June 2023
Interorthodox Centre was represented at the first global Parliamentary
Conference on Interfaith Dialogue “Walking together for our common future”. Mr. Sergios Voilas had the chance to participate and discuss
ways of cooperation with various religious leaders – representatives of
different religious communities. They all met under the umbrella of the
Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Parliament of the Kingdom of Morocco,
in cooperation with Religions for Peace and with the support of the
United Nations alliance of Civilizations and the Mohammadia League of
Religious Scholars.

Parliamentarians, religious leaders, religious representatives of faith
based and civil society organizations and international experts, all
gathered and talked about the importance of interfaith dialogue as an
element to promote peaceful coexistence, building resilient societies
and encouraging a culture of dialogue in parliaments.

His Eminence Metropolitan Geron Emmanuel of Chalcedon from the
Ecumenical Patriarchate gave a speech at the conference. Also His
Eminence Meletios Metropolitan of Carthage took part at the conference,
accompanied by priests coming from the Parish of Announciation in
Kasablanca. Moreover priests coming from the Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Greek delegation members of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy had a representation, too.

In addition to that and as part of the conference, KAICIID participants
and Fellows Alumni, one of whom is Sergios Voilas, got together. They
had a special meeting with the General Secretary of KAICIID Dr. Zuhair
Alharthi during which common actions and further coalitions where

Interreligious dialogue and Democracy

Representing the Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece, Mr.
Sergios Voilas, permanent research associate, and on the occasion of
combating Antisemitism and Islamophobia phenomena and how and to what
extent they are affecting our modern democracies, on the 11th of
February 2023 presented in a special workshop – training that took place
in Athens, the important role that religious leaders play in
interreligious dialogue and the significance of dialogue for the
resolution of social conflicts.
In particular, material from the Combat Antisemitism Movement was
presented on the issue of contemporary Antisemitism, while on phenomena
of Islamophobia, how peaceful coexistence works in the region of Thrace
and the important role of local Hierarchs was highlighted with examples.

This workshop on democracy and dialogue issues was organized by the
Signal researching and confronting the far right and was attended by
secondary and primary school teachers, as well as teachers from Second
Chance Schools, psychologists and workers in refugee shelters.

State of the art of language learning- Erasmus+KA2

“Educating linguistically means not only educating to languages and their learning, but above all educating to learn codes and the many (infinite) symbolic forms of which a human being can equip himself: it is ultimately an education to language in its plurality” (Simone, 1976).
To explore and value “plurality” is indeed one of the main goals of this project that put together organization and univer- sities from four different European countries (Italy, Germany, Greece and Spain) to better understand the needs of migrants learning the language of their host country. The organization involved all have years of experience and previ- ous contacts with migrants living in their local communities. These expertise were crucial to bring about a field-research on the weaknesses and strengths of the learning process.

Data were gathered through interviews with adult learners (Semi-structured one-to-one interviews or focus groups) and teachers and professionals working in the field of migration. The interviews wanted to profile L-2 learners to be able to differentiate the needs and interest depending on their migra- tory background, educational background, and dreams and aspirations.
On the other hand, the interviews with workers of the field enabled to map the integration and education policy of the countries involved.
These data will be elaborated and collected in the creation of useful guidelines that will be available for all and the starting point for further research.

LTTA Siena

The Language Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) organised by the University for Foreigners of Siena from 28 to 30 Sep- tember 2022, aimed to create a link between 3 apparently distant but very connected themes: sport, immigration and languages. In recalling Europe’s attention to these 3 topics, the LTTA in Siena (Italy) has provided some proposals by referring to pedagogical, sociological studies and above all to educational linguistic activities. The LTTA took place over 3 days corresponding to specific thematic areas: Sports as a tool for inclusion in migratory contexts; Language of sport and teaching practices; Playful teaching and language games in sports.
Through the training, we provided theoretical and applicative bases in line with the topics analysed. Participants have been language teachers from Spain, Greece, Germany and Italy, which allowed them to learn about innovative and motivating L2 playful activities.
Furthermore, the Training was very useful because it allowed partipants to discuss the values of sport not only as a social prac- tice but also as a tool for linguistic and cultural education as well as a strategic tool for social inclusion and health maintenance.

TPM Cham

The Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) welcomed by the organisation VHS has taken place on 3 and 4 November in Cham (Germany) . In this occasion, the partners have discussed together about the next steps of the ALL IN proj- ect, starting from the useful Guidelines which will help language teachers to improve the learning for adults.
During the 2-days meeting there was a great exchange on the different need assesments of the partners countries. This integrated approach has been very useful to strengthen the impact of the project and to share good practices already implemented at local level in the language teaching.
The next step will be the LTTA in Athens on February 2023, on which teachers will meet again to improve their informal methods on language teaching.

Can we teach about Holocaust in connection with other Genocides? The Greek case

Dr Christos Nasios, a scientific associate of the Interorthodox Centre, participated with a presentation at the European seminar for teachers organized by Yahad-In Unum and the Mémorial de Caen Museum on the Holocaust with Bullets and other genocides, from 18-20 November 2022 in Paris and Caen. The seminar was attended by teachers from 11 European countries and Dr Nasios presented the topic “Can we teach about Holocaust in connection with other Genocides? The Greek case”. Yahad-In Unum is an organization founded in 2004 by father Patrick Desbois to research and document the mass executions of Jews on the Eastern Front during World War II (Holocaust by Bullets), and other genocides such as the Roma, Yazidi and Guatemalan indigenous people as well. It also organizes training seminars for teachers on these issues in various European countries, including Greece, with the support of the Interorthodox Centre of the Church of Greece.